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“I want you to come back to your office,” said Berte*, a client in psychotherapy who has been seeing me by Zoom since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. “I like being in your space. I feel safe and comfortable there, but that’s not the whole thing. …

Narcissists Have a Hard Time with Disappointment. A Psychotherapist Explains Why

No one likes to be disappointed. But narcissists, particularly those suffering from malignant narcissism, have a harder time than most.

Disappointment is what you feel when something you were looking forward to doesn’t work out. It is, writes Margaret…

The Seduction of Othering

A driver cuts you off at an intersection. You check their license plate and mutter, “Oh of course. They’re from [whatever state]. They’re all lousy drivers there.”

It’s a harmless way to let off steam, right? We’ve all been there. But that way of letting off…

Diane Barth

I'm a psychotherapist, teacher, and writer. I blog at Psychology Today and wrote the book I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL about women's friendships.

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